Available Service Categories inPre Bridal Packages





Available Services inPre Bridal Packages

Bronze (Luxury)

O3+ Light & Bright Facial for Premium Shine & GlowDe-Tan Treatment for Face & NeckRica W...

Starting at ₹2,199.00
Silver (Luxury)

Luxury Crystal Spa Pedicure: Indulge in O3+ pampering for your feet.Keratin Hair Spa with Serum: Rev...

Starting at ₹2,549.00
Gold (Luxury)

Radiant Glow Facial: O3+ Light & Bright Treatment.Smooth Waxing Experience: Rica for Full Arms &...

Starting at ₹2,899.00
Diamond (Luxury) - First Session

Full Body Rica Waxing: Excludes facial waxing.Rica Brazilian Peel-Off Waxing:  Bikini wax and u...

Starting at ₹3,719.00
Platinum (Luxury)

Bridal Glow Facial: O3+ Signature Glow.Face & Neck De-Tan.Smooth Waxing Experience: Full Arms, F...

Starting at ₹2,959.00
Diamond (Luxury) - Second Session

Premium Shine & Glow: O3+ Light & Bright Facial Treatment.O2 Bleach for Face & Neck Radi...

Starting at ₹3,799.00
Bronze (Premium)

Gold Facial TreatmentFace & Neck De-TanRica Waxing for Arms & LegsRica Brazilian Waxing for...

Starting at ₹1,799.00
Silver (Premium)

O3+ Gold Facial TreatmentFace & Neck De-TanFull Arms & Legs Rica WaxingUnderarms: Rica Brazi...

Starting at ₹2,259.00
Platinum (Premium)

Kumkumadi Facial by Organica Da Roma.Rica Waxing for Full Arms, Legs.Underarms: Rica Brazilian Waxin...

Starting at ₹2,899.00